diving news in phu quoc

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diving news in phu quoc

Date Submitted: 30/12/2022 09:17 PM

    Diving news in Phu Quoc

    We have a well established diving center and we realise the effect humans are having on the marine life and aquatic world. 

    The underwater world is where we work and earn our living but it is also our job to inform and educate people of the damage being done and how we can help before it is too late for the future generations.  

    In Vietnam people are destroying our corals and marine life for financial gain by using chemicals for fishing purposes, selling corals or building and construction work for private and touristic gains. 

    It is unfortunate that tourists also bring with them the issues of wrongly disposing of rubbish onto the land and in the water with plastic items which do not decompose. It is such a shame to me to witness this and the decline of our fish and coral population on a daily basis. 

    Our Diving center

    Our Diving center is open to all diving establishments world wide including but not limited to PADI, SSI, BSAC, CMAS etc. Everybody is welcome if you are certified, diving for the first time or looking to further your diving knowledge and abilities we are here for you.