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About Us

Date Submitted: 30/12/2022 08:30 AM

    Vietnam Explorer's was founded in 2004 making it the longest - established diving center on Phu Quoc island. We adhere to a high level of Health and Safety standards ensuring you have a secure and relaxing trip.   

    We strive to keep our groups small and private for diving and snorkelling so our guests can enjoy our beautiful surroundings in a stress free environment.

    You can regain your balance and find your inner calm while you emerge in our water and spend time with nature.

    The advantage of our vast experience diving around Phu Quoc Island is our detailed knowledge of the dive sites and most iconic places to visit.

    Every trip with us will feel unique and stress free just like booking a private trip.

    However if you require something a little extra special then please contact us and we will do everything in our power to ensure you have a fantastic trip tailored to your specific requirements.

    If you prefer something a little different why not book a night dive. All the nocturnal life which sleeps by day comes alive at night this allows us to see a completely new environment where the day fish sleep and the night fish come out.