International Open Water Diver in Phu Quoc

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International Open Water Diver in Phu Quoc

Date Submitted: 30/12/2022 08:09 PM

    Begin Your Underwater Adventure: Open Water Diver Certification

    Dive into a lifetime of exploration with our Open Water Diver course, with new classes kicking off every single day during high season. Our 3-day program is your gateway to the underwater world, offering you the essential certification needed to dive globally.

    **Why Choose Our Open Water Diver Course?**

    - **Flexible Learning Options**: Start your dive education from anywhere with PADI E-Learning, included in your course fee. Engage with interactive online materials to understand the fundamentals of diving at your own pace.

    - **Personalized Training**: With a maximum of four students per instructor, our course ensures you receive the attention and guidance necessary for a safe and enjoyable learning experience.

    - **Structured Course Outline**:

    - *Day 1: Confined Water Dives*: In a pool or calm shallow water, you'll practice using scuba equipment and learn vital diving skills.

    - *Days 2 & 3: Open Water Dives*: Over the next two days, complete four open water dives, gradually increasing in depth from 12 meters to a maximum of 18 meters, under the watchful eye of your instructor.

    **Course Benefits**:

    - **Internationally Recognized Certification**: Upon completion, celebrate as you receive your OPEN WATER DIVER certification, your passport to dive sites around the world.

    - **Youth-Friendly**: We welcome young divers from the age of 10, offering the Junior Open Water Diver certification, which can be upgraded when they reach 15.

    Embark on your scuba diving journey with us and discover the wonders of the ocean. With our expert instruction and comprehensive course, you'll be well-equipped to dive into your next adventure as a certified Open Water Diver.


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